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Chapter 3

The farm had been abandoned, for no buyer would touch it--yet the red corn came back. New scarecrows appeared. And noises were heard--screams...pleading...animal sounds...crying children...and hollow, ringing, insane laughter--but no one was ever seen.

Once October ended, so did the sounds and strange sights. Had Eli returned, or was it some sick joke? As years went by, there were reports of the same every October, but the locals were none too keen to investigate, and let the matter stay closed. It was an unspoken agreement that you didn't go near the Atrum farm if you had any sense.

After about fifty years, the abandoned farm and the legend of "Old Eli" were tales told by parents to misbehaving children...'Old Eli's gonna gitcha if you don't stop hitting your sister!', and so on. The story had come to be regarded as just that--a story. Local kids dared each other to race through the abandoned cornfield to the Atrum family cemetery on the other side. The site of the old farm had become known as 'Creepy Hollow,' an image that a new generation of town officials wanted to put down forever so they could attract buyers for the potentially valuable land, so they hired a carnival to set up on the site that autumn, and offered free admission to everyone in town. The elders among them stayed away; but young people and children being what they are, the carnival (complete with big tent) was packed.

At the height of the merriment, the big tent caught on fire and went up like dry tinder in a strong wind. The cause: Unknown. Dozens of townspeople and carnies were burned alive. No one went near the place--in October, or otherwise--for years after that. The dark history of Creepy Hollow was firmly established and respected.

Still, young people and children being what they are, Creepy Hollow persists...the cries, the voices, the apparitions--wraithes or fantasies? If you dare to walk this trail, you'll know one thing is certain...There's something in the corn.

"Creepy Hollow"...come live the story, or die trying!
Creepy Hollow Story written by: Dick Terhune
The Voice From Hell
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